The December 2021 Forum cover the following topics:

When to use Sub Opportunities

  1. Self-Perform Work
  2. Multi-phased Work
  3. Precon Jobs

Opportunity Stage Use

  1. Lost versus Owner Cancelled, versus No-Go (and On-Call Closed)

Companies and Contacts

  1. The importance of Categories, Relationship owners, and Mailing Lists
  2. Parent/Child relationships and LLC Best Practices

How you can help with Project Data for Marketing and winning your next job

  1. Partnering with your local teams to ensure accurate data and how it affects you
  2. Client/Owner Tab importance and accuracy

Data Lake and Power BI Dashboards in 2022

Quick overview of Upcoming Features in Q1/Q2 2022 and what they mean to you:

  1. Microsoft Productivity Suite Integration
    1. Improvements to activities (Call logs, events)
    2. Automatic sync with Outlook calendar
  2. Opportunities
    1. Cloning an Opportunity
    2. New pipeline board view
  3. NEW Mobile App
  4. NEW Project Grid 
    1. New technology & user-friendly design
    2. Edit Grid View (Improved sorting & filtering, Export to Excel) 
  5. Opportunities - View default distribution of Revenue Projection within an Opportunity record
  6. Mobile App
    1. Activities (Insights, Agenda)
    2. Card Scan/QR Code Reader
  7. Other 2022 Initiatives
    1. Opportunity Grid Update*
    2. Edit Contacts in Outlook *
    3. Contact Create Dupe Check *
    4. Subscribe to Opp Date Fields
    5. Emails attached to Lead records
    6. Edit Companies in Outlook *
    7. Edit Leads in Outlook *
    8. Contact Grid Update
    9. Lead Grid Update
    10. Address Type-Ahead
    11. Add Attachments to Call Logs
    12. Marketer's Dream *
    13. List Results Widget improvements
    14. Opportunity Hierarchy
    15. Reports UX Redesign
    16. Save Over Reports *
    17. Share Docs/ Records
    18. Submittal Requirements
    19. Go/No Go Form Redesign