Business Partner Request -

On the Enterprise Tree view:

STEP 1: Click on Accounts Payable > Maintain Business Partner

STEP 2: Search to see if the vendor already exists by entering BP# or Name in "Find" field then click "go".  Click Search for advanced option and data filters

STEP 3: If you click Search, apply data filters/values and click "Apply Filter"


STEP 4: If BP is not found, click "Add New" for new setup

STEP 5: Enter BP Information, fill out required fields (A-L)

  • Please enter information in "ALL CAPS"
  • When complete click "Save" (m), this will generate BP code - Step 6.
  • *** Please note BP is not yet Active ***

STEP 6: Generate Code

STEP 7: Click on User Extension > BP Update Request.

STEP 8: Click Insert.

STEP 9: Enter BP type, Net Terms, and additional information to AP. You can click the magnifying glass for list of values. Click Save when done.

STEP 10: Click Attachments to upload W9.

STEP 11: Click "Choose Files" to search file for upload or Drag/drop in the dotted line box. Then click "Upload"

STEP 12: The Attachment Button will show "(1)" after uploading a file.

STEP 13: Click Save and Exit.