This solution will quickly cover what an end user can do to try and get their machine updated to the latest version for Windows and all other Office applications

1 - You'll want to confirm a connection to the network, this is either done by connecting to SI_Users / SI_Jobsites / or using the VPN.  It's suggested to stay connected at least an hour before attempting the steps below.

2 - Once you've been connected to the network for at least an hour press the start button and type Software Center, click on the icon that loads.

2a - In the new window that open, click the "Updates" tab on the left hand side - this page will show if you have any pending/installing updates. Continue to step 3 whether it's showing available updates or not

3 - Press the start button again and type Control Panel, click the Control Panel icon

3a - In the new window that opens up, in the top right click the dropdown for the "View by:" and choose "Small Icons"

3b - With the new view enabled click on "Configuration Manager"

4 - In the new window you'll want to click the "Actions" tab at the top

4a - You will then want to select each of the 11 actions and select "Run Now" - click ok on the prompt that comes up afterwards.  Once all actions have been ran click OK

5 - After running all the actions and waiting approximately 30 minutes, go back into Software Center and confirm if there is any change