AP Workflow: I submitted an invoice to einvoice@swinerton.com, but am not seeing it in workflow

Problem: I submitted an invoice to einvoice@swinerton.com (with the job number written on the invoice) over a week ago, but I have not seen it come through to my workflow for approval.

Solution: Follow the steps below to resolve.


STEP 1: If you are the PM, check with your PA (Coder) first to see if the invoice has come through to their workflow yet. You may not have seen it yet in your workflow, because the Coder has not yet coded it.

STEP 2: If it has been over a week, the invoice is not in the Coder's workflow for review, and the invoice is urgent, email AP@swinerton.com. Attach the invoice PDF that was sent to e-invoice, along with the date it was sent to e-invoice. AP can provide you with a status update..