Filter for Pending (Unsubmitted) Daily Journals

WHY: Pending daily Journals are Unsubmitted and therefore open / pending records. Any pending record poses a potential risk since the data can be altered. Per the Daily Journals Best Practices: "Pending dailies should not exceed more than 7 days in the past".

This guide walks through the steps to Filter or Query the Project's entire Daily Journal Log to show only those that are Pending.

STEP 1: From the Tree view click on the 4 next to Site Management then on Daily Journal

STEP 2: Click on Show Filter in the upper right corner

STEP 3: The filter header will expand to show all filter options available. Click on the dropdown menu next to Current Status, select Equals and in the adjacent box and type 'PENDING'.

NOTE: The filter is case sensitive. It will not filter 'pending' and 'PENDING' as the same.

STEP 4: Click Apply Filter

STEP 5: Review complete list of Pending Daily Journals. If there are more than 7 pending or any greater than 7 days old, review and submit. If needed, reach out to the Prepared By person noted to have them complete their work.

STEP 6: To clear the filter, click on Show Filter and either press Clear then Apply Filter OR Reset To System Defaults

ADDITIONAL INFO: Box 8 (Project Management) of the Monthly Project Status Report (PSR) shows the current quantity of Pending daily reports as of month end.