Performance - Acknowledge DCI Meeting & Employee Self Evaluation

Upon launch of Development Check-Ins in Workday, employees will receive an Outlook notification and Workday inbox task to “Acknowledge Development Check-In Meeting Has Taken Place.”

Employee and Manager should schedule and complete their DCI meeting prior to completing any steps in Workday.  Once your DCI meeting has taken place:

STEP 1Log into Workday

Note: if you are accessing your Development Check-in from a Workday notification, proceed to STEP 3. 

STEP 2: Access your inbox and click on the "Acknowledge" task.

STEP 3: Review the instructions and click [Submit]. This task must be submitted in order to receive your self evaluation task where you document the development items you've discussed with your manager.

Note:  If your DCI meeting has not taken place, click [Close] to exit the acknowledgement.  You can still access the task in your inbox later once the meeting has taken place.

STEP 4: Upon submitting, a pop-up will appear informing you of the next step. Click [Open].

Note: This task is also available in your inbox if you plan to work on your self evaluation at a later time. 

STEP 5: Click the [Edit] button to add a response for each action.

STEP 6Click [Next].

STEP 7: Review your responses and click [Submit].

STEP 8: You have successfully completed your Self Evaluation and it has been sent to your manager for review.