Performance - Manager Evaluation for Development Check-In (DCI) (For Manager)

STEP 1: Log in to Workday.

Note: If you are accessing this task from a Workday notification, proceed to STEP 3

STEP 2: Access your inbox and click on the [Manager Evaluation] task.

STEP 3: Review the employee's responses and add any comments/details to the Manager evaluation sections by clicking on the pencil (edit) button.

Note: Manager comments are required. If you do not have anything to add please write "No additional comments."

If you need to delegate your manager evaluation task, please see this job aid:

STEP 4: After you've entered your responses, click [Next].

STEP 5: Review and click [Submit]

You have successfully completed the Manager Evaluation and the Development Check-In is saved to the employee's Performance section of their worker profile for reference at any time.