Recover Contact Information



Step-by-step instructions for recovering contact information that was removed from your iOS or Android device when deleting your Swinerton Exchange account. 

The information has not been lost and is still stored on the server. These instructions will copy the information back into the local Contacts app to re-associate with text messages, call history, etc.



1. Open the Outlook mobile app

2. Tap on the mailbox icon in the top, left-hand corner


4. Tap on the Settings icon in the lower, left-hand corner


5. In Settings look for Office 365 - Swinerton under Mail Accounts, tap on it


6. Under the Account Settings section turn on the Save Contacts (iOS) or Sync Contacts (Android) option


This will begin the process of copying all of your added contacts from Exchange back into your local Contacts app. Depending on the number of contacts you added, this process may take some time.