Using the Daily Journal - Excel Report Log

The Daily Journal Excel Report Log provides a complete list of all daily journals that have been created with much more detail than the Daily Journal Log.

This is also where you can export data to excel for additional analysis such as Total Manhours in a given month or # of days with weather impact.

How to view this report:

STEP 1: From the treeview click on the 4 next to Site Management

STEP 2: Click on Daily Journal - Excel Report Log

STEP 3: Click on Show Filter in the upper right corner

STEP 4: Enter in your parameter such as a Date Range or Potential Weather Impact. Click HERE for more info on utilizing Filters in CMiC.

STEP 5: Click Apply Filter

STEP 6: Click Export to download the filtered data to an excel spreadsheet. This will be autosaved in your downloads folder on your desktop.