Occasionally the CMiC Field mobile app can appear to be missing records or items that you had previously entered, or is not reflecting the same items that CMiC on the web does. This can be due to local data caching within the app on your device. By clearing this data and allowing the app to sync with the server once more the data should be restored.

Note: Any items have been created on the device but have not successfully synched over to CMiC on the web WILL BE LOST when performing these actions.

Note: If you have logged into your job in the mobile app for the first time and the data is missing, it may be related to your roles not being set properly in the project. You'll want to open CMiC on the web, then follow the steps HERE to make sure you are added correctly.



1. Tap on your name in the springboard.

2. Tap on Settings.

3. Tap on Storage management.

4. Locate the job that you're experiencing issues with, then tap the trashcan icon.

5. Tap Delete on the confirmation prompt.

6. The listed job will now show 0.00 MB of data.

7. Tap back through the menus to the springboard once more.

8. Tap Logout under your name.

9. Now log back in, navigate back to your job, and the app will re-sync all current information from the server.