Insurance and SDI Forms – Detailed Information

The following is a detailed explanation of each field in the Insurance and SDI sections of the Job Start Form.


Insurance Section:

When filling out the insurance Section of the Job Start form, have your Owner contract handy.

Builders Risk Provided by Owner: 

  • Available Responses: Yes / No. 
    • If unknown, enter Owner and put a date no more than 1 month away into the Builder Risk Expiration Date. Ensure this date is also prior to your scheduled mobilization. Builders Risk is REQUIRED by Swinerton but can be provided by either the Owner or Swinerton.
  • If Swinerton is providing the Builder's Risk, for projects Over $15 million, Request a Quote on SwinNet. Projects under $15M can enroll in a policy that includes Builders Risk.

Project Specific Policy Rate:

  • Typically this will be left blank to pull in the default rates per the Insurance type selected in the lower section
  • Request a Unique Project Policy Quote on SwinNet and enter it once you have received it from the Risk team
    • Examples where this would apply: Projects over $50M, wood frame projects, special requirements per Owner contract.

Subs bid with insurance:

  • Default answer is Yes.
  • If there is an OCIP, check the bid invitation and RFP. Subs may not have included insurance.


Select the insurance policy for your Project

  • Go to SwinNet for more information about Swinerton's Wrap up Insurance Programs
  • Use PLP: S2S Sub to Swinerton for Sub-to-self projects (this is for self-perform group)
  • 99-Tradition Insurance will typically be used for for self-perform projects where were Swinerton is not the Prime GC.
  • 99-Trandition Insurance will also typically be used for Precon ONLY projects. If you will have a change order for the construction phase select the insurance type for the construction phase.
  • Select one insurance option and leave the others blank.


SDI Section:

Go to SwinNet for more information about Subcontractor Default Insurance 

There are 2 options for SDI Waiver: No or Yes

If NO is selected:

  • Typical response will then be to enter the current SDI Rate per the rate sheet
  • IF you have selected the insurance type PLP Net <$5M w/SDI (with or without BR), then enter 0.00 in the rate section. Otherwise, YOU WILL BE DOUBLE CHARGED!

If YES is selected, you will need to provide the Reason project waiving SDI:

  • Owner Provided Indemnification Agreement
  • Utilizing Traditional subcontract bonding procedures
  • Project less than $1M, duration less than 6 mos & Private work
  • Other (If you select Other, then an additional box will pop up for you to enter you information)

Visit the Risk Training & Resources page on SwinNet for more information.