How to View Account Transactions by Department

Document Overview 
- Summary of overhead account transactions (office supplies, employee relations, meals, rent, etc.) with   
  ability to view details 
- Ability to search by specific timeframe 
- Ability to View Opening and Closing balances 
- Useful tool for Department budgeting   


NOTE: This report is not project related; it is specific to each Department.  

Sample Report Below: 



  1. General Ledger  

  1. Query 

  1. Account Activity Query  


  1. Enter “Company”  

  1. Enter “Year” 

  1. Enter “From Period” and “To Period” (use number associated with month, for example 5 = May) 

  1. Click Query Data 


  1. Once Account section appears, click the Query icon 

  1. Enter the “Department”  

  1. Click Query Data one more 



  1. Click a row of data under the Account section for total Opening and Closing Balance  

  1.  View details of the data beneath, under the Transaction section