Rejecting an RFI Answer

An existing RFI has been answered but the answer is unacceptable and needs to be rejected.

If the answer needs clarification, go to one of this how-to guide: Revise & Resubmit an RFI - Adding a Revision Suffix

STEP 1: Navigate to the RFI you want to reject

STEP 2: Click the Reject Answer button located at the top of the RFI Detail screen. 

CMiC clears the Answer By, Date Answered and Answer fields and Stamps a note that the original Answer was Rejected. Status remains Open and RFI can be resent to Architect/Consultant for additional response. Also, the Date Answered has been removed from the Log View.


Add the rejected response to the Documents and make a note at the bottom explaining why it was rejected. This is helpful when pulling up history on an RFI.