Known Issue: The Send I/O Instructions feature (found in Project Contact Detail) is not currently sending the usual confirmation email to the Subcontractor after their initial submission of an RFI.  Any attachments that the Subcontractor submits with their email inbound to CMIC are also not appearing on the RFI in CMIC.  External stamp verbiage ("SI-External-Stamp") is appearing in the Suggestion box on RFI Detail when RFI is submitted by Subcontractors with external domains (ie, non-Swinerton email addresses). Otherwise, this feature is still functional - i.e., new RFI is created, with Subcontractor's question and suggestion.

NOTE: Send IO Email feature in RFI and Submittal is still functioning properly.

Workaround:  Subcontractor can still submit an RFI via this feature - question and suggestion verbiage come through. Because their attachments won't appear on the RFI, they will need to email attachments directly to the Project Team for manual upload into RFI. Alternatively, Subcontractor can submit RFI with attachments via regular email to Project Team until this issue resolved. "SI-External-Stamp" verbiage can just be deleted by Project Team if it appears in the Suggestion box.