Teams Chat and Voice – While you may see SOLV contacts in Teams you will no longer be able to chat with them. You may call them if you enter their phone number but you can’t call them by name. As with other external parties, if you contact someone regularly you can add them as a new contact in Outlook and Teams.   


Email – Outlook can almost be too helpful, it assists individuals by providing suggested or cached contacts when you start typing in an email or name. Since SOLV Energy was part of our network if you enter their name it will point to the old Swinerton Mailbox and not their new identity. We have identified to solutions to this issue:


  • Email Option 1 – (Recommended) We have attached a SOLV Contact List that contains a fully qualified MS Tenant Email Addresses for SOLV Employees. Using SOLVs email address is the most reliable workaround. 
  • Email Option 2 – If you want to continue using SOLV’s email domain, we recommend you first clear Outlook’s cached contact information, then use the full email address of each recipient. As you type in the address, if you select the suggested contact, or Outlooks tries to help, your email could be directed to an internal reference and not get delivered. If you go this route, make sure contacts show as the full email address including the or it will fail. Methods for clearing cached contacts:

*Notice, if you reply to email received prior to 5/20, with a SOLV Energy contact, you must remove and re-add the proper contact per email option 1 or 2. Failure to do so will result in an “Undeliverable” email response.

An example of bounce back message you would receive.