Adding standard rental items that do not require an ECODE or Serial #

Notes: As a Yard Manager or Admin, if new equipment has been purchased, you would use this method to add the new equipment to the RentalResult system.

Notes: Below is an overview of item definitions that do not have ECODES or Serial #s with an example of an item in each category.

STEP 1: Click Asset Ops

STEP 2: Click Goods In - To Inventory

STEP 3: Click Create New Document (green button)

STEP 4: Choose Transaction Type

Notes: Add Equipment to Inventory – This is for any equipment that has never been previously added to RentalResult and has been newly purchased.

STEP 5: Enter reference/reason (ignore the Enter Item Description text)

Notes: If you make a mistake when entering data in the “Reference” Field you can change it in the next screen.

STEP 6: Click OK

STEP 7: The Date field will default to the current date.  Adjust as necessary

Notes: If you are adding inventory to issue a contract, the date will need to be on or before the ON RENT date of that REQ.

STEP 8: Click Lines tab

STEP 9: Click Add

STEP 10: Enter the Item Code

Notes: If you don't know the item code, you can search via the magnifying glass

STEP 11: Enter the number of items you are adding to the inventory

STEP 12: Enter the total value of all items for that line

Notes: For example, if you are adding 5 impact drivers valued at $100 each, enter $500 in the “Value” field.

Notes: Per company policy, all items over $5,000 each in value are capitalized assets, although you are able to capitalize assets under $5,000

STEP 13: Enter any additional information, if necessary

Notes: Any text here will be added for ALL items on this line.

STEP 14: Click Sublines: Add asset detail

STEP 15: Click Add

STEP 16: Verify the Quantity and Status, then Click Close

Notes: This step confirms the quantity has been received and is available. The Quantity and Status should auto-populate.

Notes: The ECODE will not generate for items that are not setup to require one. The greyed out tabs are unavailable because we are adding inventory for items that are not serialized.

STEP 17: Click Close

STEP 18: Click Save (green button with a down arrow)

STEP 19: Click Yes

Notes: To view the Goods In document follow the following steps. This is optional as we did not enter assets that would require being sent to your Financial Manager.