1. Click on the Reports module on the left panel.
  2. Select the type of report you want (e.g., Project, Opportunity, Survey, Lead, etc.)
  3. Select the All Reports tab to view all available reports for that report type.
  • Reports with an Excel icon, can be exported into a .csv or native Excel file by selecting the icon
  • Select the Clipboard icon to customize the report
  • To run a report, click on the report title with the underline – this may take a little while depending on the search parameters. The Time column provides approximate run time to generate the report – it is contingent on internet speed.
  • My Private Reports – are reports that you save as private. Use this when testing reports. Note, Cosential Admins. can view these reports.
  • My Reports – these reports will appear as a widget on your dashboard
Building Icon
A structural report with a question and answer
Building with Colored Bars Icon
Reports you can customize


  1. View an existing report to see if it contains the desired data
  2. Click on the Clipboard icon alongside the report, and a field selection screen will appear to customize your report.
  3. Select the fields you want in your report. Items that are underlined are multi-select.


  • Never use your back button – the report doesn’t retain anything until the report generates. After the report runs, you can still customize it.
  • Use Ctrl + F to find a field
  • Running Cosential on two monitors is recommended when customizing a report – one showing a project record, and one showing the reports field selection list so that you can see which data fields exist
  • Export to Excel Cartesian – when you have multiple lines of data in a category, each line will repeat the rest of the project data, e.g., if you have multiple consultant firms showing, each firm will appear in a separate line.
  • If not Cartesian = 1 cell will contain all data – e.g., consultant firms
  • When you save a report, it must be a new name. You can edit an existing report and modify the name
  • Selection fields are populated from CMiC and Cosential. Here are a few frequently used fields:
  • For Date Completion, select: Construction Schedule – Scheduled Substantial Completion Date (the Date Completion field is often empty)
  • For your Division, select: Firm Org Division
  • Select Client Name (the Owner field is often empty)
  • For Primary Market Type, select: Firm Org Primary Market (e.g., aviation, residential, education, hospitality, etc.)
  • For specific market category, select: Product Type (e.g., baggage handling, apartments, high school, hotel, etc.)
  • For Secondary Market Type, select Secondary Market (e.g., Aviation-Airside, Residential-For Rent, Education-K-12,
  • Hospitality-Accommodations, etc.)
  • For Project Cost, select: Project Cost - Final Contract ACTUAL (or Published)
  • Scroll to bottom of selection screen. You can select ‘Save & Continue’ or conduct a Boolean search by selecting the field you want to search on and the parameters, then click ‘Save &  Continue’. Use the Boolean parameters to constrain your data.

  • If you want to only search for your Division’s projects, go into the ‘Filter By: Firm Org Division/Office’ and select your office and check the ‘include in main query constraint’ box:
  • Sort Options – to reorder the way you want to see the report info. and click Save & Continue to run your report.
  • Can see # of records in a report in the top right.
  • If you want to save this report template, select Save Report in the top right of the screen.
  • Later if you want to export that report to Excel or modify the template, you can go back to the Reports Home screen and select the Excel Icon or the Clipboard icon next to the report template.
  • To modify the title of an existing template, open the report and click ‘Edit’ in the top right. 

The following panel is the Advanced Filter for how you want the report to look. It allows you to order and group data.