Self Perform/Labor Productivity - Format Budget Import Spreadsheet

Budget Templates can be found on SwinNet - CMiC Site

STEP 1: Input a to designate which phase codes you want to use on the project.

NOTE: Use the master phase codes.  If you need to create Custom Phase Codes, you can add these at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  

NOTE:  Please use codes 703001 thru 704999 if you are going to create Custom Phase Codes.

NOTE:  Custom Phase Codes will need to be put into CMiC via a PCI prior to importing.

STEP 2: Tab to the Category Code and for your labor use 71111

STEP 3: WM should be hr

STEP 4: Input your Cost Budget, which in turn updates your Revenue Amount.

STEP 5: Once completed and your budget amount matches your contract, make sure to filter your spreadsheet by "Y"

STEP 6: Click on the Labor Productivity Tab.

STEP 7: Click the Create Labor Productivity button in the upper left hand corner.

STEP 8: The spreadsheet double checks you filtered by the "Y"

NOTE: The information from the Phase Code tab populates the Labor Productivity tab

STEP 9: Cost Quantity is your "Input" information.  (For HR WM, Cost Quantity is the number of hours it is going to take you to complete the task)

STEP 10: Cost Budget Estimated Rate/Price "Input". (For HR WM, this would be your Crew Rate for that task)

STEP 11: Output Productivity Phase WM Code. (Example: Concrete would be CY)

STEP 12: Output Productivity Phase Quantity. (Example: Concrete. How many CY do you need to complete your task)

STEP 13: Click the Finish & Create Bid Items Button

STEP 14: Click Don't Save

STEP 15: A .csv file will be saved to your desktop.

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