Create/Modify a Distribution List


This document is a guide for how to both create and modify Distribution Lists. Distribution Lists can only be created from Project Contacts therefore, Project Contacts MUST be set up first prior to associating them with a Distribution List. 

Link to How-To Add a Project Partner (company) to the Project Partner Directory

Link to How-To Add Project Specific Contacts


Once Creates, Distribution lists can be used to quickly cc the correct contacts on RFIs, Submittals, and Transmittals. It can also be used to quickly add all of the required and optional attendees for a meeting. Typical Distribution Groups include: RFIs, Submittals and Meeting Minutes (different distribution group per meeting track - OAC, Staff, Sub etc).

STEP 1: Click the arrow 4 to the left of Communication Management.

STEP 2: Click the Distribution Lists link. The Distribution List screen appears.

STEP 3: Click the New button in the upper right of the screen to create a new Distribution List.

NOTE: If you click on an existing list the contacts will be shown in the grid below.

STEP 4: Enter a Code for Description of the new Distribution List (ex: RFI).

STEP 5: Enter the Description for Code of the Distribution List (ex: RFIs - OAC List).

STEP 6: Click the Save button.

STEP 7: Ensure that the new Distribution List is highlighted in the grid after Save.

STEP 8: Click the Add button situated above the Action column to the far right of the screen. The Project Contacts List of Values (LOV) will appear.

STEP 9: Select all Contacts for this Distribution List by checking the box next to their name.

STEP 10: Once all names have been selected, click Accept

STEP 11: Review the Contacts of the Distribution List.

STEP 12: Add anyone you missed by repeating Steps 8-10. Remove anyone by clicking on the (-) sign in the Action column next to the contact's name.

STEP 13: Once you have made the adjustments, click the Save button to save the Distribution List.

Your Distribution list has now been added to the project and will look like this:

Repeat as needed to create all the distribution lists for your project.

If you need to Modify an Existing Distribution List, click on the list that needs to be modified to highlight it and follow steps 8-13.