Project Maintenance Set Up for Sub-To-Self Projects: Assigning a Prime Contract Owner to the Project When Working as a Sub on a Swinerton Project

This solution only specifies the additional steps required to set up a Sub-To-Self project. Click HERE for the solution to complete the project maintenance default set up. When working for another General Contractor it is important to leave that contractor assigned as the Project Owner on the commitment. This process should not be used in that situation. 

When working as a (self-performing) Subcontractor with your own job number on Swinerton projects (where the main job has a different job numbers), you have the ability to assign the Prime Contract Owner (ie. Kaiser or Stanford) on any commitments you write.  

  • In the Job Start Form, you need to list Swinerton Builders as the client Business Partner as this is who you are doing the work for (and directly contracted with). This client Business Partner then becomes the Customer when the project becomes a JIP (Job in Progress). It is important for accounting reasons that the Customer remains Swinerton Builders. 
  • However, if you need to write a commitment (i.e. Work Order, Purchase Order) to your vendors, it is important that the commitment lists the Prime Contract Project Owner on it and NOT Swinerton.    

STEP 1: Click on the Project Name. The Project screen appears and defaults to the General Tab.

STEP 2: Click the Edit button in the upper right corner

STEP 3: In the General tab, make sure that SWINERTON BUIDLERS (vendor 00000496) is assigned as the Customer. 

STEP 4: Click on the magnifying glass in the Project Owner (For Sub to Self-Jobs Only) field to search and assign the the Prime Contract Owner

STEP 5: Click Save and exit out of the screen.

What This Does:

When printing the WO, click Work Order to MSA - Self Perform to Sub Tier - SB. The Prime Contract Owner's name will be listed on the coverpage.

STEP 6: When printing the WO, click Work Order to MSA - Self Perform to Sub Tier - SB.


NOTE: The Project Owner is now assigned to the Project and will print correctly on all project commitments.