Overview of how to assign an existing contact to a project.

Note: When creating a new contact, or assigning an existing contact through CMiC Field, you cannot assign them a role (PM, PE, Architect, Sub, etc.); you will need to complete that task on the web version.

Note: The CMiC Field how-to documents include basic instructions for the setup and use of the mobile app. For more detailed information on business processes, please see the guides HERE



1. Navigate to the Contacts module in the springboard.

2. Tap on the action button and choose Assign Contacts.

3. Tap the Search icon.

4. Enter the name of the contact you would like to add.

5. Tap on the name of the contact to select it, then tap in the search field and repeat this process for all contacts you wish to assign.

6. When done searching/selecting contacts tap the back arrow in the top left.

7. Tap the check mark in the top right.

8. On the prompt, tap Assign.

9. The assigned contacts will now appear in the Contacts list.