Android Account Removal and Setup



Step-by-step instructions for removing your Swinerton email account from an Android device, and setting it back up in the Outlook mobile app.

PLEASE BE AWARE - Removing this account will also remove all associated contacts from your mobile phone. To restore these to the local Contacts app on your device, after following the steps below, please see this guide: Restore Contact Information




1. Tap the multitasking button on Android's navigation bar (or swipe half-way up the screen), tap Close All or swipe away all open windows to completely close any open apps

2. Open the App Drawer and find your Settings app

3. Go to Accounts (or similar) and find your Swinerton email address setup as Microsoft Exchange/Exchange ActiveSync

4. Select the account and tap Remove/Delete Account

The Microsoft Outlook app is recommended for use on your mobile devices. It integrates your Swinerton email, calendars, to-dos, and global address list in one location. You can download it from the Google Play Store here: Microsoft Outlook

For access to your saved notes, you'll need to install the Microsoft Office app from the Google Play Store here: Microsoft Office

5. Install the Outlook app via the Play Store on your device, then open it

6. Tap Get Started

7. Enter your full email address, then tap Continue

8. Enter your Swinerton login password, then tap Sign In

You can find instructions on how to configure multiple settings in the Outlook app, including Focused Inbox, swipe options, notifications, etc. via the Microsoft Support page here: Optimize the Outlook mobile app on your iOS or Android device