Overview of basic navigation and how to access items in the CMiC Field springboard.

Note: The CMiC Field how-to documents include basic instructions for the setup and use of the mobile app. For more detailed information on business processes, please see the guides HERE



1. Navigation to any module via the springboard is accessible at all times on the left-hand edge of the app screen; tapping on an icon will take you into the corresponding module.

2. Choose You may also expand the springboard by tapping the "hamburger" icon in the top, left-hand corner. This view shows the names of the modules, as well as any relevant item count.

3. Each module features some common navigation and usage tools including...

    a. Log View (listing all items related to that module)

    b. Detail View (shows the details of the selected record in the log view)

    c. Search (allowing a quick search of items in the log view)

    d. Action Items (allowing you to create a new record, edit, add attachments, email, etc.)