Overview of user interface elements on Checklists.

Note: The CMiC Field how-to documents include basic instructions for the setup and use of the mobile app. For more detailed information on business processes, please see the guides HERE



General Tab

- The action button begins a new Checklist

- The top pane shows the status of the Checklist, who created it, and when it was created

- The Checklist Progress bar shows the overall progress of the Checklist, based on how the individual line items have been answered

- The Comments section shows any notes, photos, or attachments to the Checklist itself (not the individual Checklist items), also included are controls to add the same

Checklist Tab

- The key outlines the intention behind an answer of Yes, No, or N/A on a Checklist item

- The Checklist item lists the item to be reviewed and the given answer for it

- The Expand option will open the Checklist item fullscreen to show any attachments, notes, or related Issues

- The indicators show the overall count of attachments, notes, and related Issues for that individual Checklist item