Project Maintenance Set Up - KEY PLAYERS TAB


This document is a guide to execute the Project Maintenance Key Players setup process.

STEP 1: Click on the Project Name. The Project screen appears and defaults to the General Tab. 

STEP 2: Click on the Key Players tab then the Edit button in the upper right corner

*If you have already setup contacts up in the Project Partner Directory or via the Job Start Form, then they will appear here. Make sure to check back to this tab every once in a while to check that no subcontractor has been given PM access. Subs should have Subcontractor or Subcontractor RFI access.*

STEP 3: Review and complete additional fields in Key Players tab for known project team members including Owner, Architect and Key Swinerton Team members (DM, PM & Field Admin)

  1. Select the Role you want to add/update
  2. Click the magnifying glass on the Company field to open a menu. You can select Assigned, Unassigned, or All. Review and select the appropriate company.
  3. Click the magnifying glass on the Contact field and select appropriate contact. If your contact isn't listed you will need to go to the Project Partner Directory and add a new contact.

NOTE: Print Order, CC and Action fields are not used. Leave These Fields Blank!

STEP 4: Click Save and go to the Defaults Tab How-To