Overview of how to create and submit new Journal entries on a project.

Note: When a Journal entry is submitted it will be assigned the next Journal ID in the sequence.

Note: The CMiC Field how-to documents include basic instructions for the setup and use of the mobile app. For more detailed information on business processes, please see the guides HERE



1. Navigate to the Journals module in the springboard.

2. Find the Journal entry you are wanting to copy and select it.

3. Tap on the menu icon in the top right, then tap Copy Journal Entry.

4. Choose the options for data you wish to copy over from the previous entry, then tap Copy.

5. Tap the Set Weather button to automatically import the current weather conditions for the site (this is based off of the geo-location of the iPad when the button is tapped).

6. Move through the General and other tabs, adding the relevant information for your new entry.

7. If you would like to save the Journal entry as a draft to continue entering information later, tap on the menu in the top, right-hand corner, then tap Save As Draft.

8. If all needed information has been entered and you are ready to submit the Journal entry, tap Submit instead.